Shanghai Hongyan New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
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About Us

Shanghai Hongyan New Material Technology Co., Ltd, founded in October 2013. We are Committed to the development and production of Fluorine chemistry,Carbohydrate chemistry, Hydroxyproline and its derivatives, The new type of pharmaceutical intermediate and APIS.

We have 400 square meters of research and development laboratory, and 1000 square meters of three layers of gravity workshop,equipped with the complete imported testing equipment,can undertake grams of development level of compound, kg process optimization and tonnage level steady production of the project.

In early 2016, my company strategic stake Jiangxi Fluopharm Chemicals Co.,Ltd, covers an area of 46 acres, has plenty of fluorine resources, as my company production base, can satisfy all kinds of form a complete set of production requirements.

At the end of 2016, my company and Changzhou Minbang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, cooperation agreement, can solve project late extension and GMP production requirements.

Our company strictly according to quality management system for project management, project communication with the customers in a timely and effective manner, ensure that all project running smoothly.

Characteristic reaction:Grignard reaction, Butyl lithium reaction, Low temperature reaction, Fluoro reaction, Catalytic hydrogenation, Gas reaction, The ester hydrolysis, Coupling reaction, etc.  

The concept of the spirit of customer first, the staff for this, we have a foothold in service for the customer to reflect the value of employees, and seek common development!